20 thoughts on “At Skype, Nightmare (almost) before Christmas”

  1. Wow… That’s gotta put a damper on everyone else left behind too. What would you be thinking if all these people got let go?

    1. Phew…
    2. When’s the next round?

    Not nice…

  2. eBay playbook on acquisitions:
    – day 0-30: install senior eBay exec to run newco
    – day 0-90: some founders/of newco “retire” w/ $$$
    – 3 mos: install more senior eBay execs as newco VPs
    – 3-6 mos: do title “re-leveling” of newco emps to match eBay titles (typically means 1-2 level drop in seniority)
    – 6-12 mos: remove “troublesome” old newco execs & VPs who don’t buy in to eBay culture
    – 12 mos + 1 day: assimilation complete.

  3. if E Bay bought skype for the calibre of its team and the technical competency of its Enginner than its SAD to see this mass exodus of folks from skype .

    on a second thought in Hi Tech Team is always a Enggineering team . Biz dev guy are always considered overpaid overhead .E Bay is doing what comes naturally to a Valley based firm ..deception . they are pretending that thebiz team has nothing to add to the core competency of Skype . In a world run by enggineer who can’t talk to customer its sales team which face the world and field the furious customer on behalf of tech team and what they get once the party is over and cash is collected …This they get a boot and press and PR glorify it as a fat reducing,peanut butter,e baynization and god knows what

    I hate to say it but some time i feel like killing some of My Heroes in Hi Tech

  4. Hmmm…

    This is just a hunch, but I would guess that the pre-acquisition fire-ees are being scraped up off the London sidewalks right about now, if their buddies haven’t already tossed them into tart-filled private limos for the ride home (tart = hooker). As for the poor sods who joined Skype after the deal thinking they were joining a dynamic web 2.0 powerhouse, and then got fired a few weeks or months into the job, I guess they’ll be telling their kids “it’s scientific experiments for the lot of you”.

  5. Is this a premonition of what happens to youtube?

    But hey, as long as most of the fired have made their money, Its ebays loss not theirs !

  6. very ugly? no. very tough? yes.

    It’s not the same as 2003 or 2004 when you didn’t have competitors like vbuzzer or gizmo running the same kind of application but giving away most countries for free.

    I just don’t see skype will make any money any time soon.

  7. One need not look farther than Apple and the Spindler years to see what happens to a successfully disruptive “tech” company when it’s taken over by “Marketing” folks.

    When I first heard that Skype was being aquired by eBay, I was willing to give it time to see what came of the acquisition; I haven’t been disappointed yet. I only hope that Skype continues to improve it’s client programs and network as it has in the past year.

    Good luck Neo-Skype, if you fail where you’ve risen, I’m more than sure someone will be there to pick up the pieces…

    (See Napster –> Kazaa, Spindler-Apple –> Jobs-Apple, SuprNova –> The Pirate Bay, for “torch grabbing” details)

  8. Man, I’d love to be able to read the minutes of these meetings. I can’t see any reason why they need to axe these guys – but I don’t know the direction they’re trying to take. I suspect, though, that they’re making some big mistakes. I just hope Skype doesn’t lose it’s focus – doesn’t lose what made it so brilliant in the first place. Often when other companies take over, they want to come in with all their new ‘concepts’ and ideas and they actually ruin what made the company and product so good in the first place.

  9. Skype has been a significant and valuable part of our business for the past few years. Personally, it has become my greatest resource in contacting my clients. Now that I am hearing lots of news and gossips about the future of Skype I really feel like it will be gone after some time. I don’t even know what’s the good substitute for it.

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