4 thoughts on “Skype fixes bug”

  1. yeah, i agree … there are so many more problems with the company … and the product. they are too busy posing than posting fixes

  2. I wouldn’t pick on them just yet. After all something for free to replace what is otherwise a monthly recurring expense — is worth something. If all they did is cut into subscriber line growth (or rather cause subscriber line attrition) — that makes them a force worthy of note. And they are and will continue to do so.

    PS What’s the difference between a cell phone that is a PDA and a PDA that is a cell phone ? $40/month and no comittment.

  3. Hi,
    love your blog but ARE YOU KIDDING? Skype, a business model? Of course they have one… what about voice mails? Having a fixed internet phone number? SkypeOut? The Siemens / Plantronix / other partnerships? The potential services based on its API? Skype’s VoIP can deliver streaming music AND provides payment system behind it. Use it to audioblog. Use it to send voice emails. And and and…
    I really don’t think they need a business model. Rather, they probably have to decide on which revenue stream to prioritize to reduce complexity…

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