14 thoughts on “Further Details Emerge As Skype & Its Founders Close to Settlement”

  1. We introduce “Skype-disruptor” application with new and unmatched web browser centric Video and VoIP cross-platform technology, based on US Patent 7,089,319. The key distinguishing factor of our platform is that it’s instantly web browser centric, without anything to download or install. No plugins, no active x controls or Flash. Just instant communication gratification from any web enabled device. We can compete on “true P2P” signal strength, unmatched platform reach, innovative “Orbing” (P2P live and pre-recorded social networks video broadcasts) function, as well as lower operating cost base (higher margins). While Skype is negotiating its way out of a legal minefield, we are focused on capturing strategic market segments. We are actively seeking venture capital. Please visit http://www.skypeishype.com for more detail.

  2. Who cares if its old new “to you”? Its not old news to me and the rest of the people here (average public with no insider knowledge of the software community, unlike yourself?) which is probably a part of his overall target audience?

  3. I skimmed through the attached docs and perhaps missed the wrongdoing on Volpi’s part. I thought all he was aiming for is gunning for a non-P2P architecture. And yes he wanted a deal for himself and didn’t care if Janus/Niklas would be unhappy. Where’s the wrong doing here? Sorry if I missed something obvious. Just curious to know.


    1. Seriously? Instead of skimming, read them and you’ll find he’s accused of: 1. Using his access (and understanding) to the Joltid code base to sell his investment group and Ebay on a deal with him. 2) While CEO of Joost, a company that was dying, he spent his time putting together this deal. NOTE: there were reports of Joost trying to sell itself during the same period but a deal never emerged. Think we know why. Where’s the fiduciary responsibility? 3. While Joost CEO he was working with founders to keep a key engineer from going to facebook by offering him more money. *At the same time* he was trying to poach that same engineer for Skype. WTF? 4) Oh, he also insulted everyone in his investor group in his emails, that’s not illegal just stupid.

      But his biggest gaff is thinking he could replace the P2P with SIP, which was the basis of his investment case. As a former Cisco guy, that’s crazy dumb. Looks like his former partners eventually called b.s. on that.

      Or, maybe his biggest gaff was deciding to screw the Skype guys. I guess he didn’t like them, but he made money with them as a skype board member and they gave him a shot at the Joost CEO, which he flubbed. This was his thanks….

      Maybe any one of these things could be explained away, but the stack looks very bad. Think he needs to find another line of work.

  4. Volpi stole IP with the intent to overthrow and buy majority of Skype. When this began I stated here http://blog.junglecat.org/?p=84 that the Anthill has run amuck. The Anthill was a team inside Joost with Volpi was the lead. That post was over a year ago. I’ve know about this and have been informaing people but not even GigaOM reports the “latest” news or anything I consider close to the “latest”. Even worse over at TechCrunch you have Michael Arrington point blank lying and making up rumors of companies I worked at that were to be acquired by Skype. He got called out on his lies by other news sites because he could not deliver a source. Basically I’m sick of late and possibly faux news. I hope GigaOM stops becoming mainstream and begins being more transparent about their source materials and timeliness.

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