15 thoughts on “Skype Founders Sue eBay — Big Surprise”

  1. Lord hear or prayer that Ebay and the new buyers don’t settle on this one. Every VOIP service and their mother works perfectly fine without the stupid JoltID garbage anyhow.

    1. andy

      I beg to disagree … I think this move to SIP is not as easy as you might think and there are some I have spoken to who think it is virtually impossible.

      1. The reason for skype success is builtin NAT/Firewall traversal compared to SIP. SIP requires additional gears at Operator side for this called “Session Border Controllers”. Companies like Acme Packets, Nextone Networks and several other are having hendres million dollers business to target NAT/Firewal traversal SIP. SIP is good for peering (operator-to-operator) but not for access (user) side. Most of the internationl calls are transported now with SIP peering. Basically SIP is good for existing operators but not for start-ups that are trying to target access side.

      2. If my understanding is correct, GI is needed to locate the called user’s supernode. There are other proven techniques that scale well. Given the reliable userbase, it is not risky to deploy owned supernodes instead of conscripted ones. Once roughly estimate that a standard Amazon EC2 instance can support 1000 users. In other words, it will cost $300K to service 1M users (24x365x$.03). These days Skype registers about 13M concurrent users. So the operational cost is around $5M per year. Thus I feel, the technology is readily available and the cost is manageable.

  2. However big an oversight (cock-up) E-bay management may have made over the Skype deal, there is also the aspect of greed on behalf of the Skype founders. They got their cake by making billions out of the sale and now they want more. Somehow the Skype founders need to take a long look in the mirror or not have sold in the first place. Moral to this story, money isn’t everything either.

    1. So you’re saying Joltid should hand over an asset that they own to ebay for free? A contract was signed to license the technology and that contract expired. Ebay is entitled to nothing.

  3. “even a lemonade stand owner who can’t tie his shoelaces wouldn’t overlook something as simple as that”

    hahaha this sums up the article for me 🙂
    all that the skype founders must be thinking right now is we need to find bigger suckers then ebay for our next deal 😉

  4. well, they thought that just because they were famous they could make fly and then flog a lemon like Joost. Now, they realise nobody is as idiotic as ebay was when buying Skype and they need to recoup the money they sank in Joost in one way or the other. Of course, they are thinking that ebay may once again prove the easiest target for that. Who can blame them.

  5. This is juicy. Skipe got eBay to sign the dummy contract that they would sell them everything exepct the main techonogy. Now Skipe is going after eBay for using its technology. In the process the people at Skipe are picking up the doe. And is Skipe or any of these other web 2.0 services really worth $2 billion? Hardly.

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