8 thoughts on “Skype gets a new chief …. Again!”

  1. The fact that he is moving to Estonia is very interesting imo. That leaves London rudderless in terms of leadership and puts into question the future of the London HQ.

  2. @ Harsh

    Estonia is where they have all their engineering talent. most of the people who worked for niklas and janus in the early days are still working for the company. it is one part of skype, ebay didn’t destroy with its meddling and to me estonia is what skype is all about.

  3. josh is one of the nicest and most unpretentious executives at ebay . . . that alone, should give him a good foundation to build his leadership platform over at skype.

  4. The Tallinn move is not perm. Josh said himself at the meeting yesterday that he would be there for ‘couple of months’ before moving to London office.

  5. I think Skype was great since conception and I just wonder since it was aquired from Ebay things started to change, becoming stingy. Last year I paid a sump lump for unlimited calls PC to land-line no. within US and Canada for the whole year. Plus I paid $14CAN for all other calls out of US/CAN region,minutes talked and deducted from $14. This year new rules; I am confused, do I have to pay $15 for 5 months plus $3/month for unlimited calls within US/CAN from PC to landline no.???? do I understand this correctly? Would somebody please explain the cost within US/Can from PC to landline no!!!!!!!!

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