8 thoughts on “Skype, Google Talk to InterOp?”

  1. The ramifications of tying together Skype and AIM via Google Talk are rather interesting. This would be a serious blow to Yahoo and Microsoft’s IM plans, in addition to a serious knock against telcos.

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  3. I want to coin a new term here..

    P2P = Phone to Phraud

    Googles #1 problem now and in the future is click fraud which some claim is at 20-25% of ad revenues. Now, “prank” calls actually have a value.

    Of course Google makes this deal – now they have access to millions of callers to help them inflate revenue numbers.


  4. Actually, it will be easy for the businesses to establish fraud. They can use the CDR if short holding times are considered to be motivated by fraud or routinely record the conversations and play back to Google. I feel the situation is the direct oppsoite – there will be clear transparency.

  5. The online stores who sign up with click to call with google are not going to record calls to check for fraud.

    No one calls their cell phone company to ask for credit when there is a wrong number dialed to them – they just pay for the minute and move one.

    The same will hold true with this.

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