8 thoughts on “Skype hangs Not For Sale sign”

  1. Wish they would IPO – nothing like the harsh light of public disclosure to throw water on a fire.

    At the very least, they’d have to disclose real numbers on the revenue side and offer stories on plans for new revenues to justify a valuation.

    What is the Multiple of earnings on a company that derives its revenue from PSTN termination and origination?

  2. I think they need to go ahead and sell out to a phone company. They really are swimming alone in deep water. Everyone else has a platform of one sort of another. All Skype has is viral marketing and viral marketing and oh, did I say…

  3. Why should Yahoo, MSFT or Google pay the big bucks for a proprietary system. With so many regular users, the costs to build from scratch should be far less. Google is forcing everyone to go open source anyway. Skype can wither on the vine if it doesn’t make a deal soon.

    I wonder how big a Vonage or Skype IPO will be. Each firm probably wishes it had pulled the trigger late in 2004.

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