21 thoughts on “Skype Is Coming to the Nokia N900”

  1. Om,

    Skype is integrated to the Contacts app of the N900 out of the box. You can call skype to skype or use skype out.

    1. It is not in the device I have which is currently using alpha-software. Skype is currently working on integrating the software, according to their spokesperson. I am guessing the final shipping N900s are going to include that functionality.

      1. Are you able to update your software in App Manager – Update?

        Skype is integrated out of the box when we got our Nokia N900’s from Maemo Summit. The Nokia N900’s version number is 1.2009.41-10. What’s yours?

        I tried using the Tmo 3G connection to make a Skype phone call and it worked fine. Screenshot: http://twitpic.com/m0zyj

  2. Nokheads- I like it 🙂 Would that be 122 Million Nokheads in the Second Quarter of 2008? That peasant texting away on top of his water buffalo? yup, it’s a Nokia

  3. Nokheads?
    For some reason – lack of sleep near Halloween? – I’m thinking of standing next to Teri Garr while trying to bang on a door with my N900 and saying “What Knockers!”
    Or knocwurst.
    Man, I could go for a bear and brat.
    And a production N900.

  4. And when does the native Skype client for Nokia N97 finally come out? It should be similar to the N900’s.

    There was so much ballyhoo when Skype announced it in February 2009. Germany’s Vodafone and T-Mobile even threated to boycott this device for its announced Skype client which should be deeply integrated in the address book. Now we are 8 months later and Skype’s user forum moderator still says:

    This information is not available yet. There has been some speculation about Q4 2009 but Skype have made no firm date for the release public. You can rest assured though when they do it will be printed in anything where everyone will be read it.

  5. Yes, but will it have video support? For me I belive that would be a “killer application”.
    To be able to vide skype anywhere from a phone, how cool is that !!!

  6. Maemo has had Skype for a very very long time.

    So ‘skype is not coming to N900’, it was already there, its just being updated to work on the N900 thats all.

    Maemo has tonnes of useful apps – they just need to be ported to the new version of maemo.

  7. I used to use Skype on my N800, but found that Fring was better as it would also handle various Instant Messaging networks as well as doing Skype.

    It’s a shame that the function in the maemo client, accessible through SIP and google talk, weren’t particularly inter-operable with other similar services. Hopefully the n900 has sufficient computing power to handle skype video.

  8. OM, skype is already in the N900… Every demo had it included. Go in your contacts add the skype username of your contacts then see if they are online and chat with them.

  9. i’m not totally convinced that skype won’t go out of business within a year. it seems like there are so many governments in eastern europe that want to erode the privacy and freedom skype allows for those citizens. your thoughts?

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