4 thoughts on “Skype, now takes on wireless”

  1. as cozy as the telecom industry is, competition did force prices was down. Cricket’s unmetered mobile voice plans (still) offers unlimited mobile phone calls ANYWHERE in a community for $29.95/month. The average user on their networks uses 1300 MOU/month, making the price/MOU under $0.03…toll quality voice. not a lot of margin there.

  2. Mark there is plenty of margin for Cricket. The reason they went BK in the past was a high churn rate, thus high marketing costs.

    Anyway, even with a retail yeild of 3cts, the direct costs are only ~1cts.

    Btw, as a point of reference VirginMobile, Qwest and ESPN pay sprint ~3.5cts/MOU, but of course the cost structure is higher for a nation vs. local network.

    Om, re: spectrum. 3yrs ago people thought I was nuts (I know, how can that be?) when I told them that wireless has tooo much spectrum, but its not only true, thanks to moore’s law is even more true today.

    Spectrum and thus capacity are in massive thanks to QCOM’s CDMA, what’s actually scarce is capital and profits.

    The real question is why hasn’t Brian Roberts (of Comcast fame) bought these Skype guys. He better do it before yahoo or google does.

    I’ve said it before, but the Sprint PCS people are complete morons thinking that doing wholesale deals with MSO is a worthwhile business.

    I think it should be obvious to even the casual observer that the MSO’s are naturally going to direct (via VoWiFi, etc) as much traffic as possible over their own fixed cost network vs. paying somebody else to handle the traffic.

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