73 thoughts on “Skype, Now the Largest Long-distance Phone Company”

  1. voip is hot, excellent!!, other players should feel optimistic as they have a big pie to cut from, i wonder if truphone, jajah and vopium can figure out the right approach in 2009?

  2. Hi Om,

    I know the mobile VOIP is still in a nascent stage, but I would sure like to have details of companies like Truphone, Gizmo5, Fring, Nimbuzz and others. These guys have really made the VOIP market eve more interesting and have proved VOIP is far from dead. In fact the economy that we live in today would be the biggest boost to VOIP.

  3. revenue must not be confused with margin. long-distance margins are eroding (and already quite thin) and skype is no different from the lot when it comes to margin.

  4. We will see more minute stealing if Skype for Business picks up. Enterprise Voice market is the new cash cow for skype. (Looks like iBasis and level 3 have lot to gain in the partnership with skype) .
    We keep saying that eBay would eventually sell Skype to the highest bidder. Who is that bidder going to be? ILEC,CLEC, Web Giants, Unified Communication vendors etc

    1. MajicJack is absolute trash and hasn’t got a leg to stand on against Skype…
      Don’t believe me? hit the unofficial MJ forums and see for yourself.

      I have an MJ unite myself… it’s sitting in a bin with the rest of my junk.
      Worst VOIP system ever(hands down).

      Skype on the other hand has been nothing reliable for us.
      Having invested in a standalone(PC’less) Cordless Skype phon(by GE), Skype has become THE phone of choice in our household. It is the best VOIP solution bar none.

      MajicJack sucks!

    2. Do you know?…I just purchased MJ (have not recieved it yet). How do I obtain international calling ability. Is there another provider I will need to contact with.

  5. Thats awesome! Skype is the leader now providing the best service, but can this winning streak continue? Will google come out with a new innovative and effective service that could topple this market leader? Hope time will answer! Maybe there is some one working from some place to beat this…

  6. So far, MajicJack has worked out for me. Skype looks like it will charge you to call someones cell by the minute, whereas Majicjack could care less, I can dail anything in the US for one flat rate per year. Quite a bargin for me, and I need a good bargin these days.

  7. Hi Om,

    These figures are amazing. Especially considering that calling Skype users from standard telephones (fixed or mobiles) is a quite difficult task.

    We have now developed a service that allows simple calling from any phone to a Skype user. This should boost those figures even more 🙂

  8. I need a telephone number in order to speak to someone about signing up with skype, about cost, features and how to go about it

  9. I need a telephone number in order to speak to someone about signing up with skype, about cost, features and how to go about it

  10. @rhonald hyndman
    umm i’m pretty sure you just download it and that’s a small part of why its cheaper less labor intensive to keep running

  11. Dear Sir:
    My account says I have a 10.00 balance but I can not
    call out. The account is under Allen Don Jared. Why can’t
    I use the ten dollar balance?
    Ann Jared

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