7 thoughts on “Skype-Streamcast, Take Two”

  1. Boy, I never thought there is such an interesting story behind Skype. Read the complaint – it is much better than any Hollywood movie or novel you would imagine:-)

  2. Interesting that NONE of this came up when Skype was not being acquired! Magically all this info comes gushing out when the big $4.1 B figure was revealed!
    Yet again I have difficulty in understanding what Ebay is going to dow with Skype and to add to that is a an acquisition that has more holes then Swiss Cheese.

  3. I read the whole mess. It does look conspicuous the way they created corps in strange places. Appears shady.

    Money, greed, ethics. A look on the dark side. Very ugly.

  4. but it is a lot of fun to read. i am amazed at all the murky stuff that went off but then when you are skrirting the law, as kazaa et.al were, this kind of “gray” activity is expected.

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