7 thoughts on “Skype Launches Even Cheaper Voice Call Subscriptions”

  1. Skype is the best internet telephony service ever launched. The features it offers, it’s rates, service, everything is just incomparable. There are lots of other internet telephony services but none of them can beat Skype. I am a really big fan of Skype and use it often to call friends abroad. The new subscription plans are really awesome. I will be subscribing to unlimited plan. It works out really cheap.

  2. Looks from the link like Skype is still limiting the subscription products to a maximum list of 40 countries – the broadening of this list would be bigger news than the lowering of subscription prices.

    As for Skype’s market cap, they have all but passed on providing a good service package for small business users who pay $25-50/seat/month for VOIP services. These are the people Skype should go after if it wants to make a strong IPO, not more consumers who spend under $2/year on average with the company, and offering hosted PBX services to business customers would offer better margins at scale than fractions of pennies over call termination costs.

  3. Skype is great and I use it alot to communicate with my offshore team. With this new service from Skype, I wonder if this will be the final nail for long distance companies?????

  4. They should use some of their cash to put more lobbyists in Washington. Using Skype (VOIP) is in violation of my ISP’s TOS, as I’m sure it is for most in the US. It can’t be good for your long-term business strategy when the companies that are your competitors can sever the connection with your customers at any time if they so desire.

    Who needs net neutrality? Skype for one.

  5. Skype really offers a tremendous suite of services; this will serve only to add to its appeal. Methinks my husband will soon switch over as well…

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