12 thoughts on “Skype & the Cost of Playing in China”

  1. And you really think that Skype has no backdoor that allow (some) government entities to spy conversations or messages ? Especially as there are very few (if any) complaints from law enforcement agencies …

    e.g. Skype president is quoted saying Skype “cooperates fully with all lawful requests from relevant authorities.”. They also say they did not receive any subpoena or court order … but nothing about “security letters”


  2. I dislike the idea of spying, but if China does it then it is a loss of privacy and evil. If the USA does it, then it is fighting terrorism. How about closing the borders and forget spying on loyal citizens?

    Anyways they all do it


  3. I missed the part of the official response that said “we’re not happy about this, we don’t think it’s right.” I guess you don’t say that about the mob though, huh? Good analogy. Wonder how the self-respect holds up in situations like this.

  4. @Marshall

    I think you are right about the “self respect” issue and I don’t think anyone really cares. They are all happy doing what is right for the wallet. I wouldn’t expect them to do any different.

  5. @tsx – just to clarify, the issues highlighted in the Citizen Lab report affect only the TOM-Skype software distributed by TOM in China. Standard versions of Skype are unaffected, and Skype-to-Skype conversations (voice, video, chat, file transfers) between users of standard versions of Skype remain completely secure and private.

  6. can you explain what is safe and secure about the dual login without notification feature ? can you explain why skype account are immediately active without any further external authentication. nothing safe about that my friend…

    anybody can be anybody over and over on the skype user cloud. no wonder you have 350 million users, it’s probably a bit less than 350 users, but more like 350 million accounts created by the same users over and over.

    also explain how skype cooperates with other countries to comply with local laws and regulations on the matter of wiretapping… it should be made clear by skype to all skype users that skype conversations can easily by tapped and monitored.

    if so send me the transcript of my five latest private adn secure chats 🙂

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