6 thoughts on “Skype to Work on Verizon's Android & BlackBerry Phones”

  1. Ummm, any reason the photo for this post shows the Nokia N900, which is powered by Maemo, and not Android OR BlackBerry, nor is it compatible with Verizon’s network? Might as well have used a Motorola RAZR.

  2. Having Verizon, and using the moto droid, I haven’t checked into it that much. Am I wrong in assuming that if I have a skype account as long as I am on wifi,I have unlimited calling?

    I don’t call nearly as much as email and texting and such, but if it is unlimited calling, I would think this would be enough motivation to buy a skype capable phone just for the anytime calling, again assuming it doesn’t effect my cellular minuets.

  3. Question — will running Skype over Verizon’s 3G network tick down monthly voice minutes? Or will Skype calls operate over Verizon’s data network and not count against a subscriber’s monthly bucket of minutes?

  4. Wait–the Tour2 isn’t even out yet. Does anyone have any idea when it’ll be out? I’ve been wanting to use my Verizon upgrade forever!

  5. Everyone asking how the Skype will affect your minutes/ data from Verizon:


    Skype’s website says that using Skype Mobile for calling/ messaging won’t count against your data/ minutes usage with Verizon. But I’ve done a little research, and obviously you only have free Skype-Skype calling, so even with a Skype account you have to have credit to call landlines/ cellulars.

    Aside from using Skype to call non-Skype devices, you have unlimited messaging/ voice.

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