6 thoughts on “Skype to Work on Verizon's Android & BlackBerry Phones”

  1. Having Verizon, and using the moto droid, I haven’t checked into it that much. Am I wrong in assuming that if I have a skype account as long as I am on wifi,I have unlimited calling?

    I don’t call nearly as much as email and texting and such, but if it is unlimited calling, I would think this would be enough motivation to buy a skype capable phone just for the anytime calling, again assuming it doesn’t effect my cellular minuets.

  2. Question — will running Skype over Verizon’s 3G network tick down monthly voice minutes? Or will Skype calls operate over Verizon’s data network and not count against a subscriber’s monthly bucket of minutes?

  3. Everyone asking how the Skype will affect your minutes/ data from Verizon:


    Skype’s website says that using Skype Mobile for calling/ messaging won’t count against your data/ minutes usage with Verizon. But I’ve done a little research, and obviously you only have free Skype-Skype calling, so even with a Skype account you have to have credit to call landlines/ cellulars.

    Aside from using Skype to call non-Skype devices, you have unlimited messaging/ voice.

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