11 thoughts on “Skype, VoIP Honeymoon over?”

  1. Skype keeps the entry cost low with per minute tariff. But then it is faced with ongoing customer support problems and potential dispute arbitration which grows with the customer base. Contrast this with subscription model (see the post by Tom Evslin). It will be interesting to see how this model fares, now that Teleo is also using this model.

    By the way some of the Bellheads suggested the subscription model some 20 years back but was rejected by Ma invoking political reality.

  2. I don’t know if the subscription model makes sense as of right now. unless the whole transport business and the interconnect business is transparent. it would be difficult to make the subscription model work

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  7. I just got skype a few days ago and it’s the best kept secret out there. I’ve looked at several paid plans and for the money (actually free) skype has them all beat hands down.

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