5 thoughts on “Skype, Vonage & Who Will Buy Them?”

  1. Not if the RIAA really has lobbied the US gov into issuing an arrest warrant for Niklas Zennstrom (courtesy of his history with Kazaa), as I have heard.

    Funny. That leaves us with two “damaged goods” CEOs: Jeff Citron because he apparently can’t take Vonage public, Niklas Zennstrom because he can’t take Skype to the US.

    Well, maybe Mr. Gates can help the latter and push DRM some more in exchange for leniency…

  2. That would be Mr. Zennstrom.

    On the other hand, should he ever have to leave Skype, it might just prompt him to move on to the next neat thing and even farther away from becoming greedy. That could be everybody’s gain. So, maybe I won’t feel that bad, either.

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