18 thoughts on “Skype Boots Nimbuzz, Tightens Grip On Ecosystem”

  1. Tobias from Nimbuzz here:

    This statement from Skype is, as in previous cases, misleading and may been seen as a try to move the focus away from the real matter at hand – the loss of freedom to Skype and Nimbuzz users.

    We have always ensured focus on delivering only top quality of service.

    We hope that Skype reconsiders their decision and considers the enormous popularity of Nimbuzz around the globe, which proves people don’t want to be tied to one service, or channel of communications.

    The way forward is to empower people and that is our mission – to give everyone the power to communicate with anyone in the world, however they want to, across any network, computer or mobile device.

    For more information please visit our blog at : http://blog.nimbuzz.com/2010/10/25/what-the-skypenimbuzz-breakup-means-to-you

  2. If Skype is always striving to make sure everyone has the best experience, why are 30 million people using nimbuzz and not the official skype client? Obviously they need to remove support from the official client since it can’t seem to get 100% of people who use skype to use skype.

    Hypocricy and its handmaiden, Greed, thy name is Skype.

    PS does Skype ever come out and say what exactly is being done wrong in Nimbuzz or Fring?

    1. I guess one big reason why people use 3rd party applications is that they allow login to multiple networks- Gtalk, Facebook and Skype. It is much more convenient and Skype should realise that. At the end of the day, how would it matter to them if a customer is coming direct or via nimbuzz. They are bothered with the $ anyways which would come to Skype.

    1. Nimbuzz is pretty much Standard. Specially the VoIP portion using XMPP Jingle.

      Skype is going down down down, and want hardware manufactures to rescue then instead of having an Open Ecosystem.

  3. I think I know whats the issue here. I was waiting for Skype to catch up to it eventually, and seems like they did.

    I have a subscription on Skype, with one of their monthly plans which allows calling to some mobile and landline numbers unlimited. The skype client on mobile doesnt allow for that function to be excercised. If i have to use that “subscription”, I have to be using a desktop client. The Nimbuzz client however allowed for dialing numbers out perfectly fine. So if in office, or near a wifi hotspot or on 3G, login into Nimbuzz, dial a number and voila! the call goes through perfectly fine.

    I can see how this might be a violation, because skype could get into trouble with mobile operators because of this. Its potential revenue loss – on the other hand skype would also want to monetize on this somehow. Its a bit of greed, its also a bit of business sense – and through all that skype is going through, I guess they are being thorough.

    Really appreaciated the ‘feature’ while it lasted in Nimbuzz though. It was actually, very very convenient.

  4. perhaps nimbuzz could now work on enhancing the googletalk part of their client to support the new gmail calling to/from PSTN feature. i am sure this would be very popular and give the nimbuzz brand a really big boost.

  5. I used SkypeOut with Nimbuzz, so they got money. Why is it so important for them to force their own crap client software? Morons.

  6. How about this theory: Nimbuzz got a whole bunch of Skype users and now wants to get them to use their competitive paid service, originally named: “NimbuzzOut”. Nimbuzz uses the fact that Skype’s accused them of breaching their developer terms to quit the Skype crack its been smoking, publicly blames Skype for this and hopes a lot of these disenfranchised Skype users now become happy NimbuzzOut users. Nimbuzz has raised $25m in funding and NimbuzzOut seems to be its main/only business model.

    How does Nimbuzz reward users for staying with Nimbuzz:

    “We’re offering you a 15% bonus credit to use on NimbuzzOut. That’s 15% extra on top of the credits you want to purchase.”

    How very kind 🙂

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