17 thoughts on “Skype’s Risky Retail Strategy”

  1. Hey Om, what problems with quality are you having? I use SkypeOut all the time and it works great – much better than my cell phone. The only problem I have (and I consider it a BIG problem) is the DTMF. I can be 5 minutes into a phone call and get dropped because it won’t recognize a number I key in. Also, I was 15 minutes into a support call yesterday to fix a website problem and the call just dropped. MAD!! Other than that, the call quality is quite good.

  2. Elsewhere I suggest that adding supernode costs about a dime per user. But the real culprit is the media relay node. Colloquially we have been using supernode for both the functions. But the enterprises should be worried about media relay nodes as well.

  3. testing gizmo (gizmoproject) I called my wifes cell phone & the quality was just fine. skype has provided clear sound quality the times I’ve tried.

  4. Amazon interviewer had a VoIP phone. It sucked so badly, I didn’t hear him half of the time and blew the interview(actually I am a bit short tempered too) Anyway, not worth the money you save to lose your gal-friends along the coast 😉

  5. I have been using Skype, SkypeOut, and SkypeIn since they were launched and overall I love the quality and I also love the recently released call forwarding option that Skype provides. Yes, the big telcos are going to put up a big fight but I think you are underestimating the consumer. I think people are tired of getting milked by the inefficient telcos and the longer they put up a fight, the bigger Skypes share of the market is going to be. The future is VOIP and in a VOIP world Skype will continue to thrive.

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  7. In a recent discussion on a Skype forum, we concluded that the number of ‘real’ Skype users is a bit lower than the Skype representative was telling you. People that are using the service on a regular basis (such as me) number about 5 million (not 60 million), and the increment per day is about 10 thousand (not 130 thousand). The bulk of the difference is users that have the software but use another type of phone for everyday calling. In my view, this will continue for all VOIP services, not just Skype, until quality problems with IP are resolved…. balanced upload and download bandwidth with low latency.

  8. i’ve been using skypeout for quite sometime now, and i have no problems what so ever
    with the sound quality (except for a slight echo sometimes, which i blame on my broadband connection which is shared)
    you should know that skype ain’t for any system; you have to have high speed net with a good system to boot, otherwise you would OBVIOUSLY, Like many others, experience a slight degradation in the sound quality, and often calls that end on the PSTN network are almost “unbearable.â€?

  9. Hallo, I don’t understand what problems with quality you are having? I use SkypeOut all the time and it works great. Skype has provided clear sound quality every time I’ve tried.

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