8 thoughts on “SlimDevices Goes To Logitech”

  1. While I’m happy for them, it’s a little sad too.

    I’ve had a SliMP3 player since the model that was just a aluminium box screwed to a bent piece of smoked lucite. One of the reasons their products are so good is they were willing to toss a version like that out there to the public and iterate fast.

    Will they be able to do that under the logitech flag?

  2. I think it’s great news for customers… I own a Squeezebox myself and most of my not-so-tech-savvy friends are quite impressed by its functionality. however, currently they’ld never find a Squeezebox in common home-electronics stores (at least here in austria). Logitech could have the power to market the next iteration of the Squeezebox to the mass-audience.


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  5. Hey Om, thanks for the mention! Sean (slim’s founder) has made it EASY to be an evangelist.

    He’s a very authentic person — a pure play on the passion to deliver a great product and user experience to slim’s growing community. He and the product have come a long way from the high schooler with a breadboard that walked into my office a few years ago.

    As I wrote a check to finance ‘production’, my head said “STOP – this entire financing is about to buy you ‘unit one’ of the single most expensive CE device you’ll ever own” — but my heart & gut overruled. Frankly, I was amazed that the company touched profitability off that seed round.

    As an ongoing stakeholder (the $20M is only part of the overall transaction), I’m very excited to see what can happen now with real working capital and a real channel. Logitech is a well run company in one of the toughest segments of the tech industry and they are a winner – so is Sean.

    — Bill Tai

  6. Yes Bill, I think sometimes that first check is about instinct and your instincts on this one were spot on. I hope more people enjoy slim devices’ products with this new backer. it is amazing that the company has turned every single on their buyers into an evangelist.

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