8 thoughts on “Slowly and steadily, Vimeo hits its growth stride”

  1. This is one of those sites I’ve been happy to pay for, for years. It’s not even that the premium gets me a lot, it’s just that I love the service so much that I want them to take my money.

  2. Vimeo is default on Apple iOS for now, but…

    You can bet your bottom dollar that Apple will want to default to a video service that it controls itself. Most likely, Apple will create its own, or as a second choice, buy Vimeo. Either way, Vimeo can’t rely on Apple’s thru-traffic for very long.

  3. I really like vimeo and the quality of the content the only challenge im facing is the bandwidth of my connection which affects my experience when viewing the videos. But with the technology improving year over year the experience improves too and i think that is the reason why youtube is successful due to a feature adjusting the resolution to compensate with bandwidth and experience.

  4. This could be the alternative to Youtube within a year if Youtube continues to burn their users. Vimeo has always had the highest quality video in the space in terms of HD and the highest quality video for your browser so with all the new features what’s to say Vimeo can’t overrun Youtube in the next year or two?

  5. Somewhere in the circles of hell, there is one called “YouTube comments”.. it’s YouTube USERS that many of us are running away from, running to Vimeo where we can make a serious short film and not get stupid, bitter, jealous, and uneducated comments.

    Vimeo has the best looking videos. YouTube’s resolution upgrade did not change that, they still look “soft” and professional film/video people won’t use it as their primary place to show off their work.

    If artists and musicians love it, the rest of the people will follow…

  6. Ustream is the sleeping giant, similar to Skype in it’s quality, simplicity, and thoughtful UI/Apps. Yeah, I agree that Vimeo has mastered “quality” video…but not much else.

    I’ll stand upon my previous statement that any company that completely ignores feedback on the quality of their IOS and other apps is out of touch. Doesn’t the iPad have the most web traffic of any mobile device right now?….

  7. YouTube has become sort of central for funny/silly videos, and I think more and more users realize if they want a serious forum for their videos, Vimeo is the place to be.

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