6 thoughts on “SmugMug Adds HD Video Support”

  1. Wow, $150 seems pretty expensive with clips limited to 5mins. I’ve been using http://www.phanfare.com for a while for video/photo hosting. They’re service is only $50 per year and supports 10 min clips! Now its not HD (yet), but it is Flash at 1Mbps, and has 16:9 support. I think as a “personal multimedia vault” that’s a pretty good setup.

  2. its not $150 that for the PRO version.
    I been using smugmug for about 4 years and have over 5000 photos all in ORIGINAL size 10mp camera etc.
    the printout service are perfect.
    and been uploading my videos which look awesome better then ANYTHING ON THE WEB since Stage6 I think even better then stage 6

    I pay around $49 a year for the poweruser tier

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