17 thoughts on “So how much do you think this blog is worth?”

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  2. There is one issue with the blog community deals. The communities that were setup on these sites are now gone in my mind because they are part of mainstreams media firms. I do not expect to see the veil raised on the firms like some would hope. I do see the site under the new owners being slowly snuffed out for one reason or another. Blog communities were never meant to be owned by large corporations in my view.

  3. I was actually thinking about this very question as it relates to your blog just yesterday, Om. When we talked about traffic, my recollection is that GigaOm gets about 1/10th the traffic as almost the entire WIN network. That would put you at $2.5 million my friend! Sell sell sell! 🙂

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  5. I wonder if the real issue here is not so much what GigaOM is worth, but what the Om Malik brand is worth. Perhaps you need to start Om Malik Omnimedia. Om branded mouse cozies might sell quite well at Sears or K-Mart.

  6. *puts pinky finger to mouth* – “ONE … miiillliooon doollaaaaars”.
    *Number One clears throat* – “sorry Sir, but the weblogs network brings this much every year, and that’s with a collection of blogs which, put together, still don’t nearly amount to even a fraction of the insightfulness, relevance, or readership’s aggregate income of GigaOM”.

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