One thought on “So long Transmeta, we hardly knew ya!”

  1. The writer is too hard on Transmeta: Sony has decided to incorporate LR2 in unnamed chips (probably for PS3) and will fully pay 100 Transmeta engineers to do the incredibly difficult job of helping to design the chips. Microsoft just signed a license for LR2. Contrary to the import of the article, Fujitsu manufactures Transmeta’s Efficeon CPUs, which incorporate LR2. I expect an announcement any day that Intel will pay a huge license fee for LR2. As miniaturization proceeds at a very rapid pace, expect the need for LR2 to increase too.

    Transmeta made some serious missteps, but its main problem was Intel, which uses its clout to bludgeon any competitor in all sorts of leag and — in my opinion — illegal, anticompetitive ways.

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