3 thoughts on “So what happens to Clearwire's WiMAX network”

  1. I doubt it will sunset anytime soon, especially with new WiMAX/LTE chips coming from folks like Sequans. Why not a hybrid WiMAX/LTE device in the near future? It’s not like these things already don’t have multiple radios. And they should be able to run some of both networks off the same core since WiMAX and LTE are both IP…

    1. The trick is battery life. It’s hard to have multiple radios and expect to get 5 hours out of your phone.

  2. Remember, the primary difference between WiMax and LTE is that WiMax targeted operators that wanted to just roll out data services and could be independent of a voice network. There was less ‘overhead’ from an operator standpoint. By way of Sprint, which uses the Clear 4G network to support a ton of current subscribers’ devices, there is huge value in the Clear network. Clear also has a huge nationwide spectrum footprint, which means they can run LTE on a new slice of spectrum without touching what they have in place and leverage a lot of their existing tower locations and assets in place. I expect to see the current 30 MHz slice of spectrum to continue to service WiMax subscribers and devices for quite a while, and their remaining 60 or 90 MHz slice could easily be allocated to LTE.

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