11 thoughts on “Social Networking & Dawn of the Zettabyte Era”

  1. Seldom do I read something and want more…I want more..I wish this was a bigger piece of steak.

  2. Every body wants more!!! but do u have the appetite ?
    If u can consume everything what will be left ?
    Just my 1 cent

  3. Bit=0 or 1
    Nibble=4 Bit
    Byte=8 Bit
    Kilobyte=1024 Bytes
    Megabyte=1024 Kilobytes
    Gigabyte=1024 Megabytes
    Terabyte=1024 Gigabytes
    Petabyte=1024 Terabytes
    Exabyte=1024 Petabytes
    Zettabyte=1024 Exabytes
    Yottabyte=1024 Zettabytes
    Xonabyte=1024 Yottabytes
    Wekabyte=1024 Xonabytes
    Yundabyte=1024 Wekabytes
    Udabyte=1024 Yundabytes
    Tredabyte=1024 Udabytes
    Sortabyte=1024 Tredabytes
    Rintabyte=1024 Sortabytes
    Quexabyte=1024 Rintabytes
    Peptabyte=1024 Quexabytes
    Ochabyte=1024 Peptabytes
    Nenabyte=1024 Ochabytes
    Mingabyte=1024 Nenabytes
    Lumabyte=1024 Mingabytes

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