14 thoughts on “SocialNets & The Power of The URL”

  1. “I hardly ever go directly to the NY Times, LA Times, and the Wall Street Journal any more. Instead, I rely wholly on the authoritative blogs I rely on to filter out the articles of interest in those publications.”

    One thought here is that not only do you read what others decide to write about, but you also let others decide what “others” you read.

  2. Very cool and right on. I wrote a piece on “own your content and charge for it” (http://www.webvapors.com/?p=19) and this really brings in the distribution aspect of it. I think every active online user will eventually be a content creator as well as distributor and a system that models for this would really drive the benefits back to the users.

  3. I don’t understand why people don’t see that this is what “net neutrality” is really about. In a neutral system, anyone can be a content creator (or even aggregator) and reap the benefits of a job well done. This will not be true if the network operators have their way.

  4. A very interesting article. I am myself moving towards empowering users on my educational sites. Established online brands with their existing traffic can empower the regular consumers by providing them a channel to reach out and express themselves to many. This is a great way for an occasional blogger or someone who may feel strongly about a particular issue but does not intend to blog regularly. Powerful online brands/URLS will stand not just for their own content but also for the user content on them. The final answer may be there in establishing a well balanced mix of the two.

  5. This is a very well written and accurate description of the URL or Link-economy. I would add that the emerging media disruption will lead to a media democracy and truly empower and compensate its real distributor and value giver- the individual.

  6. Interesting. I would go further to say that I think there three separate vectors: Social Networking, User Generated Content (which includes URL distribution, URL redistribution, URL aggregation, URL wrapping etc..) and Social Search. The confluence of these three vectors will create the new ‘networks’.

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