26 thoughts on “SocialScope Makes Tweeting Easy on the BlackBerry”

    1. obviously not an SS user yet Dan. Talking from experience Uber sucks ck. Think uber think… comodore64… SS rocks. You’ll see ๐Ÿ˜‰ – Tell you what Dan… when I get a bunch of invites, i’ll come back here and give you one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Apparently only high profile bloggers are able to get beta invites. I’ve tried contacting SocialScope numerous times through the signup form and directly through Twitter to no avail. I am the head of social media at my company and would love to test out the app. I think it would behoove SocialScope to have some sort of vetting process for their beta invites.

    1. im not a high profile blogger and i received an invite. i would suggest that you send multiple invite requests from different emails and repeat with the same emails at least once a week. it truly is a great APP that i would recommend to any Blackberry user who is on twitter on an hourly basis such as me.

  2. @amanda, not so. I’ve been a beta user for several months and it is as fantastic as an experience as Om alludes. One feature Om may have missed above is the persistent groups function that makes scanning for tweets/updates from stronger ties easier.

    It does cause a battery drain, so I slow down the update intervals and manually refresh if actively using.

  3. I’ve been using ss for a while on my storm, and there are only good things i can say about it. the ability to tweet and check on facebook in the same app is pretty awesome. the app does hog the battery though, and its the first one to be killed when I need to conserve power. all in all, the beta runs superb on my storm, and I can’t wait for the final cut.

  4. SocialScope can kiss my ass. I have been requesting an invite for this from day one and still
    nothing. Not even the decency of a reply to the emails sent to them.

    If this is they way they operate, I can certainly do without them.

  5. SocialScope is pretty awesome. I don’t even have this new version that you are running om, but I can not wait for it to come out. I have been using this for a few months and can say that the SocialScope team is very responsive to feedback. They generally respond within a few hours, but I haven’t waited longer than a day for a response.
    @Ken it will be worth the wait when the finally get it out, though I have many friends who are just a frustrated as you.

    Ubertwitter doesn’t really hold a candle to SocialScope.

  6. I have been using one of the lite versions for months now on my Bold and LOVE it. It took me a long time to get an invite but once I did I grabbed SS.
    It is the perfect companion on a Blackberry for Facebook and Twitter.
    Now if I can only get an update to the newest version… that is as hard as getting an invite.
    Uber is good but once you use SS you will not need another client.

  7. Those of you who are concerned about battery life, try this:
    go to settings, then scroll down to “connection.” set refresh frequency to manual and the option “refresh on launch” to “yes,” instead of “no” (which is the default). Though this will prevent it from updating and running in the background (so you’ll actually have to open the app to find out if any new activity has occurred), it will keep it from running down your battery. I have had mine running like this and like it better this way. I also don’t have my phone notifying me every 2 seconds because a friend has had a status update – lol.

  8. Socialscope is phenomenal! I just wish they’d bring back the “fading” feature (when you’d click between messages, it would fade in and out). Now it just snaps back and forth like the rest of the other apps. To me personally, that was one of the subtle additions that made Socialscope stand out aesthetically. I’d show my friends on my Tour 9630 all the features Socialscope has (they were also mad that I got my invite before they did after waiting patiently for 6 months). They were really amazed at that specific fading feature as well. It looks so cool!! I hope you wonderful people at Socialscope bring it back.

  9. As mentioned, the likelihood of getting a SocialScope invite these days is just slim to none. I tried first about 3 months ago, then like mentioned, I tried from several email addresses several times a week. Maybe they labeled me and decided not to invite me. Either way, I have short patience for ‘closed circles.’ There are other apps that will compete. I will stick with them because they haven’t already selectively eliminated me.

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