22 thoughts on “Funded SodaHead, a new social network by XMySpaceR”

  1. What kind of marketing is it to name a service targeted at grownups SodaHead? Google and Yahoo are goofy but also easily translatable into verbs. Who would and how would they SodaHead?

  2. Sodahead? Seriously? This idea is getting millions in funding?

    Yunno, in the midwest, Soda is called pop. You know, POP… as in “what a bubble does…”

  3. Yeah, first Wallop comes wallowing along – limping along – and now SodaPop? I agree with the last comment about POP is what a bubble does. I can’t believe there are people (VC types) that want to dump millions into something for adults that want to discuss “Iraq” and “stock prices” called – SodaPop.



  4. Social networking for adults targeted at fun and good conversation sounds like a blast to me. Now i won’t have to weed through the teenie boppers on MySpace.


  5. Sodahead, crackhead, pothead–what’s next? Seriously, i agree with your point, Om. Social wisdom could readily be discussed via personal blogs.

  6. A social network for adults [parents of myspacers] definitely has a place; that’s why we built http://www.faces.com – which is the best place to share your whole digital life in a mature, neat environment 

    I personally think more is needed than just a blog. Most people have more to share than just their words, sharing their digital life such as video, photos, music and favorites is important too. I like to have everything in one neat site, it makes it easy to share, my friends know where everything is and I can maintain it easily too.

    I do wonder about naming something for adults sodahead though.

  7. SodaHead? WTF does that mean? haha
    I think all this myspace stuff is just a fad like friendster and hotornot and the others…there will always be something bigger and better to come along but I dont think its sodahead…

  8. The silly name and ho-um idea are not that surprising. I used to work with this guy at Intermix (where I still work). He was generally regarded as something of a joke.

    Contrary to the spin he was not one of the myspace founders. He was an ad traficker from Intermix that Intermix managers assigned to run ads on myspace. He got no equity, nor did he participate in the bonus that the founders got from News Corp. That is why he can leave now and the real founders are still locked in.

    He was pretty good at paying attention to detail, but overall I’d have to say he was generally regarded as being pretty clueless (hence the name sodahead for a grown up site).

    Kudos to him for trying to cash in on the myspace hype though. I’m surprised Mohr didn’t dig more into his background? The team there look like a bunch of enterprise software guys, which may explain their lack of understanding of this market.

  9. Kudos that a senior guy at MySpace has finally left! Can’t think of anyone with more experience and success at building a social network that I would want to run a company. I do hope Sodahead is more of a Web 2.0 company rather than a social network. The founders and Investors seem pretty smart. I can’t wait to see what the company is all about!!!

    Also, the name Sodahead rocks! Even older wiser people enjoy a fun name…not just juveniles. Look at yahoo, ebay and google…say no more!!

  10. We also did our DD on this guy and the concept. He certainly checked out far better than the critic above indicates, though there is a tinge of truth to it as well. And while yes, he clearly was gravy training on MySpace and had much more of a traffic cop role, he was able to pull together some very strong names who were responsible for some of the early successes of MySpace for the new venture. There are many worse concepts and many worse teams to entrust 4M to.

  11. Of course SodaHead got funded. One of the top guys in Mohr Davidow Ventures is Jason’s best friend and ex schoolmate. My sympathy to the investors.

  12. Sodahead, Hmmm..sounds catchy. I like the idea of a social network without all the myspace Kids crap. I am signing up as soon as they go life. Cant wait!

  13. I am very much looking forward to this site. Anyone straying outside the tried-and-true cootchie-coo Myspace recipe could breathe new life into the social networking scene.

    At a time when we are looking at a demographic switch from the very young to the very learned and hip, I look forward to seeing more intriguing and cultivated elements added to the networking platter.

  14. The concept of Soda Head…a site for discussion and interesting topics of conversation is great. I don’t blog, or want to share all of my personal information with the world. This site gives me the mental stimulation without having to go into great detail of my life.
    I know Jason is on the right track for great success. I think the name is catchy…
    Sounds to me like some of the other comments from other people are….bitter or perhaps just a little jealous?

  15. I think it unfortunate that SodaHeads and other social networking sites are receiving funds to enable admitted communists operating these sites.

  16. The whole reason to have a community that posts questions and responds is to develop a type of social credibility where the now infamous “Anonymous Coward” can’t flame and run…

    There are other things that really work on the site…such as sparking debate or sharing ideas…pretty much killing your typical blog…

    It’s about time someone stepped in and actually mobilized a community to do something other than comment on pictures and lame topics…

    When you grow up you’ll know where to come…

    1. I have rewritten the Constitution. This was done to stop the march to “socialism”. I will send anyone a copy, along with a cover letter (explaining the changes made).

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