3 thoughts on “Some Facts About Ericsson’s M700 Mobile Broadband Platform”

  1. OM, the link to “HSPA, LTE and beyond” is broken.

    The biggest problem for all this wireless sweetness will be to roll out fibre to backhaul the traffic. You can’t do 100mbit/s backhaul over existing copper infrastructure and wireless is at its limits. So at the en of every antenna you do need a fibre. If you envision a future where people will have access to the net regardless of infrastructure. (or different, where you choose an access provider who will provide access over any available infrastructure), than it’s easy to see that every curb will need a fibre. No fibre, no mobile broadband.

    So start digging!

  2. Completely agree with Rudolf. The air interface is as efficient as it can get. The bottleneck is the backhaul. People pitch using DSL/Cable as backhaul without realizing that DSL/Cable is not carrier-grade. Other’s said that Ethernet is the solution but you need to put fiber and new equipments on the CO’s. Microwave may be the only option but MW requires licensing, antennas, $$$. There is no easy solution to upgrade the backhaul infrastructure.

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