3 thoughts on “Something about Zune & Sharing”

  1. With the digital music market as mature as it is, it just doesn’t make any sense to launch something unless you’ve got the killer solution worked out and everyone on board.

    OF COURSE some of the labels object to the sharing feature…that’s what they were born to do! Why did MS feel the need to advertise something that they knew would be crippled at launch?

    It’s not 2001 anymore, people. You can’t launch music services that suck and expect people to forgive the shortcomings.

  2. The sharing feature isn’t what most people would buy it for really (definitely considering how restricted it is now), Microsoft ought to concentrate on telling people just how nice an audio and video player it is, or soup-up the sharing in a firmware update and go for it!

  3. I am helping to spread the word about an MSN sweepstakes going on right now. If anyone is interested in trying to win a free Zune, they should enter.

    People who make MSN their homepage have the opportunity to win a free Zune. The promotion can be found at http://homepage.msn.com/zune.

    They are giving away 50 Zunes, and the contest closes on Feb 28, with random drawing of all 50 winners on or about March 14.

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