6 thoughts on “Sonos Set-Up, Phase One complete”

  1. Thanks, I am really interested in buying one of these systems.

    So with an Apple Airport Base Station, it was really as easy as plugging in the player, removing, then plugging in the NAS Linkstation? I think I will be attempting a similar setup.

    How is the file transfer going? Are you doing it wirelessly?

  2. No i did not uplug the first one. I just left it there. on the file transfer, since i have a really fast router, it took about 4 hours to back-up nearly 60 gigs of music. you must get a buffalo linkstation. it is fantastic network drive.

  3. My only problem is that it does not support streaming radio formats other than MP3. I can’t listen to any local NPR or classical channels. I wish they also had an FM radio integrated to the device

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