19 thoughts on “Sony Bets on WiFi With Mylo”

  1. another dumb thing sony has to offer
    its just a psp that dont play games
    sony what is going on!
    350 nobody is going to get this!

  2. What does it have to offer versus similar looking things from HTC that run Windows Mobile and work on cellular networks in addition to supporting WiFi? The GSM HTC devices are only around $200 with a 2 year contract from Cingular or T-Mobile.

  3. lol, you said “only around $200 with a 2 year contract” … the 2 year contract is the worse part of it all … i’ve been dying to get the Nokia 770 but its kinda slow at times and only CompUsa has it and their warranty sucks … if BestBuy gets the new Mylo i’ll get it (and their warranty)

  4. Sure the 2 year contract is the worst part. You are going to spend thousands on service during those 2 years. That said, you need a cell phone don’t you? You’re going to spend the money on service anyway, might as well get a discount on your PDA while you’re at it.

  5. I think many are missing the point, the Sony Mylo can be a big advantage in terms of cost saving. Not everyone is willing to shell over money for complete mobility in communication such as cell phones, the typical cellphone bill comes out to be 40-50 dollars per month more with additional services. But lets say mobility isn’t at the top of your priority in terms of communication, then the Sony Mylo looks like a good option since it has VOIP through Skype. The monthly bill from skype will run you 3-4 dollars per month need I say more? So essentially you have a somewhat mobile landline, in the sense that you can still use your Mylo anywhere there is a Wifi connection, so its not as bad as a landline. Not talking about all the other features, but that VOIP feature alone is more than enough to convince me of this product’s value. The the question is, do you want complete communication mobility with a higher price tag, or less mobililty at near zero cost. It boils down everyone’s individual needs.

  6. I would buy one, for less money. I think there is a opportunity for a mylo/pda/nokia 770 style tablet, with a browser and SIP support (and maybe mp3), for around $150-200. I think that should be possible, to build…

  7. I actually believe the pricing to be quite fair. Even though the Sony Mylo and the Apple Ipod Video are not in the same class of technology, they do share many similarities that would justify the price of the Sony Mylo.

    2.4″(mylo)2.5″(ipod) display
    320×240 resolution
    Video Playback
    Music Playback

    Now we compare the features that don’t match up.

    30GB/60GB(ipod)1GB(mylo) storage space
    Battery life [music/video] 20hrs/2.5hrs 45hrs/7hrs

    From these results we can tell the Sony Mylo is king in terms of battery life which is vital in any mobile solution, its not really mobile if you always have to plug it in, at least in terms of the video playback ability. The Ipod is definitely a better bargain in terms of storage space, but lets be honest, there is an easy way to bypass the storage issue, by being selective about what you want on your mobile device. Do we really need our whole library with us everywhere we go? So I don’t really see the storage limit as a huge disappointment, its workable.

    The price of the ipod 30gb is 300 dollars and 60gb is roughly 350-375 dollars, which is near the price of the Sony Mylo, which lacks the storage space but more than makes up for it with additional features, web browsing, chatting, keyboard, and in addition to being able to do what the ipod video already does. People are willing to drop 350 bucks on a device that only plays music and videos, why not the mylo?

  8. This is great for parents that are okay with their kids going on the internet, but afraid of what they might download. I would hand this to a kid over giving them a complete computer from now on.

    If you can’t message your kid from work then you know they’re not at home, and vice versa.

    I put together a computer terminal for a family member a little while ago, that bill came out to be much higher than the price of a mylo. LCD Monitor + Computer + Wireless Input Devices + WiFi Cards = $$$$$. If waiting was an option at that time, with this I could have wrapped it in a box, with a 4gb memory stick, and fully charged. The connection to the WiFi takes some patience but better than waiting for a computer to boot up, or rather having a computer running 24hours a day, save electricity, and extend the life of your computer at the same time.

    There’s WiFi at home and at work, and for the person that mentioned mobile land line, that’s exactly what fits my lifestyle. I’m usually out of the house 12 hours of the day, I really don’t want to be spending money on a phone service that doesn’t go with me everywhere. Cellphones are ripe with those contracts that last for years and cancellation fees, what happens when your phone is stolen? you have to buy another phone, or pay for the cancellation. And if you just buy a phone and pick a calling plan are you going to receive the same level of service from a agent, probably not, because they’re not making money from you beyond that purchase and the minor residual from your monthly usage.

    I like to see technology advancing, making new things that create new niches, MYLO is definitely one of them. Freedom from monthly fees and system access fees and emergency fees, thanks SONY for giving me one more option.

  9. i recently bhought one and yes i believe everyone should get it even thou i have yet to use it since i am on vacation i believe from what i hear its great i never thought to compare a ipod to the sony mylo but its true if you are ready to drop $299 for a video ipod then why not buy a sony mylo that is the hottest newest thing out and it allows you to get online im quite sure that ipods will go wifi pretty soon its a guess but im positive apple ipod has to keep up with the competition
    the very best thing about the sony mylo is that it is basically free once you purchase the device itself if you happen to live where there is wifi hot spots then you will be able to get free hotspot signals without a doubt the cheapest ive found is for $300

  10. meh – look my iphone does everything – music – web, texting – convergence devices will rule the day – Heard that the blackberry storm was finicky – too bad – haptic tech in a screen phone would be really cool.

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