9 thoughts on “Media giants love virtual worlds for kids”

  1. My 2 nephews loves this website that everyday they visit it to play games and chat with their classmates and schoolmates. Sony will take this site to the next level with more interactive features for kids. Not a bad deal…

  2. what is the point of virtual worlds? social networking sites are great and can help build business for companies, but is this the trend/evolution in human interaction?

  3. Slightly off topic, but; why do I keep seeing Zwinky commercials on Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O’Brien? Surely there is not much demographic overlap? Or is Zwinky the new thing to do as a stoned college student?

  4. My children loved it for about six months then moved on. Seems a crazy to pay 7.5 x revenue multiple for such a short lived fad site.

  5. The real challenege with these sites is creating great kids content to feed the growth. The amount of time spent on these sites is amazing, and often I’ve seen my nieces and nephews lose interest in the site once they’ve encountered content that they’ve seen before. Outsourcing or licensing of kids content could help, or else the growth of the kids virtual world wil slow.

  6. hi,there i love this game i started playing it today i have to be a member to order to buy things with my penguins money.I have a ? for you for the memberships do you pay them real money or the penguins money?I need to no.today i started and i have over 250 friends on here and it is the bomb.
    Please let me now so that my kid can buy things without clicking any-thing that is real money.bye bye

  7. Maybe it is a fad, but right now social networks are here to stay and place like webkinz world and club penguin are the kid’s social networks. My kids have all sorts of toys and the only ones that they have maintained interest in are their webkinz stuffed animals. I have spent a lot of time on the site and I am amazed at how educational it actually is. I tried out Quizzy’s corner and actually found out that this is a great tool for me to learn some new things also and spend quality time with my kids too. No, I don’t think I will put my webkinz for sale just yet!

  8. I love this game so much but I have been contacting club penguin but no respose.Can you contact me at windi_g@yahoo.com I would like the activation code. I would really like to play club penguin please contact me.

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