9 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Will Sell WinMobile Phones”

  1. I don’t think we are going to see any manufacturer come out with an Apple OS. Apple is pretty much going to stick with their current model on the “computing” side of their business where it will design the hardware and the software and keep it closed. The fight for the mobile OS will be between MS, Android and a couple (maybe more) Linux based systems. Oh and I forgot Symbian!

  2. Dude, drop your fascination with the word “bespoke”. You’re not using it correctly and its driving me insane… or it could just be mondayness.

  3. Just as interesting as SE’s choice of OS, is the fact that this is a HTC product with a Qualcomm chipset inside. It looks like EMP wasnt going to be ready with a chipset this year that could power a rival to the iPhone. Still, it is amazing that SE showed the flexibilty to use options from two of their largest rivals. Very nice win for the teams in Redmond and SD.

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