4 thoughts on “SoundCloud CEO Alex Ljung on why Berlin is hot”

  1. Maybe a slightly dumb question but Silicon Valley has always been able to attract the best people from around the world to work there. I wonder if European start-ups look to employ people from around the world as well and if so what language do they use? I know the Germans speak really good English but could one get a job there without knowing and German? Does it matter if a startup only looks to employ people from within the country in which they are based to start with?

    1. @APS – now you’re getting into a whole ‘nother discussion about work visas and company sponsorships etc. It’s very difficult for a non-EU professional to find work in the EU. It can be done, but it’s hard. (I’ve tried, unsuccessfully) Even if English is the ‘language of business’, it’s not the language of everyday discussions and life will be difficult without the ability to get by in the native tongue.

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