3 thoughts on “Southwest & VoIP Play Cupid in Geek Love Story”

  1. Om,

    Thank you..Not only do I now wear shorts, beach shirts, over the weekend I even had the top down and am working on a tan…Don’t worry, I won’t catch up, but gosh love sure changes a guy…oh, and yes, I’ll tell you about a few more apps really soon !

    P.S. Send the sun block, I’m heading to Scottsdale in a few weeks for some R&R with the wife to be.

  2. It is this love of Southwest that I am having trouble understanding. They must be different on the West Coast than on the East, because around here we only fly them when they are the cheapest and then end up bemoaning our miserly ways.

  3. Jesse,

    I grew up on the east coast and only heard of Southwest before getting out here in 1991. I didn’t fly it much in the early 90’s but when I started flying back and forth to places like SF, Oakland, San Jose, Las Vegas with regularity I started to. And, after Reno Air shut their operations down, SW became the best option. Cheap fares. On time. Great people. Give it time as the Southwest culture seems to grow on everyone.

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