5 thoughts on “Speakeasy Launches Pre-WiMAX in Seattle”

  1. Om,

    Wouldn’t 6MB be equal to 4 T1’s, so at $800/mo, speakeasy is offering a 50% discount over the wired substitute.

  2. The 6Mb/s is total upstream+downstream, so if you want symmetrical, it’s the equivalent of 2 T1s.

    Interesting from the coverage map that they only seem to be providing 180 degrees of coverage.

  3. i did the math using 2 T-1 lines @ 1.5 megabits up and 1.5 megabits down – that makes it six megabits per second. most t-1 are going for about 400 a month now, though you can get a lower cost option from some clecs. i am going on the assumption you can’t get a better connection. compared with speakeasy, which is doing 6 megabits per second 3+3 or 4+2, you pay $800 (with annual contract). hopefully i explained the math cleanly enough!

  4. Interesting.

    I’ve never and would never think of bandwidth that way.

    So yes, 3 up and 3 down is two T1s.

    This is very interesting pricing in that they’re not discounting. Congrats to them.

    PS. Maybe I should’ve read the article, but there’s only so much time.

  5. Mpower Announces Initial Deployment of Fixed Wireless Broadband Network in Las Vegas

    Intel/Alvarion Streaming Video Application Riding Mpower
    Fixed Wireless Network at Networld+Interop Show

    LAS VEGAS – NETWORLD + INTEROP – May 4, 2005 – Mpower Communications

    Corp. (AMEX:MPE), a leading provider of data and voice services to
    retail and wholesale business customers , today announced the initial deployment of its new fixed wireless broadband network in Las Vegas.

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