5 thoughts on “Sphere Launches With New Cash”

  1. Sphere is pretty cool, but I agree it is going to have a tough time displacing Google and Yahoo, and Technorati, and Ice Rocket, and Feedster, and …, but I do wish it luck.

  2. If there is to be competition it may be around who has the better, smarter algorhythyms. The new webs will be built on them. Sphere’s first steps towards ‘filtering’ the web are great.

    Forget about the web for a sec and note that individual communities have implicit algorhythyms (criterias) that build communities. Can these be programmed in the virtual world? Over time, organically, yes.

    Perhaps Sphere can take a cue from American Idol — call it — ‘Website Ideal’! But the algorhythym works as it produces a Kelley Clarkson and a whole group of young talented singers.

    It seems to be happening with the ranking thing naturally. Just needs to be centralized I guess.

  3. Seeing Scott Kurnits’ name attached to this venture is a good thing. Hopefully he has the input to make this thing happen. Met Scott early in the miningco/about.com days when his visions and marketing savvy, cobbled together a network of content and created a net respected destination.

    I called this “Kurnit 2.0”.

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