32 thoughts on “Sphere, the Relevant Blog Search”

  1. Wow…that algorithm sounds exactly like the one my company uses to data mine relationships for our recommendation engine. Find users who like say Robbie Williams for a short list and then check what artists they like (which gives the uber popular ones as well as others down the curve) then use backlinks to verify those links and create a strong relationship from this.

  2. Did you know that this technology was available back in 1999? The guys behind the Waypath were involved, but not as active employees of the company: Fizzylab was the name of the company and Relevator was the product (there were others like Ad Relevator, Product Relevator, etc.). The company couldn’t close it’s B round of funding and closed its doors … perfect example of baby getting thrown out w. the bathwater. during the crash.

    The algorithm has supposedly been enhanced since, but essentially does the same thing, which is much more powerful than keyword search.

    Fizzylab’s target customers were publishers on the web. When a user was reading an article, an iframe on the page would show them ‘More like this’ links from the publishers universe of content.

    Anyway, if interested, lookup Fizzylab on WayBackMachine: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.fizzylab.com

    Perhaps, we were just a bit ahead of the need back then.

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  6. I have had a chance to see Sphere in action during its pre-Beta phase, and have to say I was pretty impressed with their ability to surface relevant posts. I think this is one worth watching; the team has some very credible chops when it comes to building authority and relevance based algorithms.

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