9 thoughts on “Will Web Kill SportsCenter”

  1. SportsCenter is the advertising platform on cable. People want to watch video and content is king, so unless web platforms can get the content, SportsCenter will do just fine.

  2. The web may replace SC for availability and archiving. But watching the sports news and commentary from experts isn’t going to change anytime soon.

  3. the reason that sportscenter will continue to be a popular tv show despite the internet is the simple fact that watching tv is easy. if i were to try and consume all the best highlights and most important sports stories of the day, I would have to click literally hundreds of times. for a quick dump of the sports of the day, sportscenter is still king.

  4. The power of watching the highlights can’t be overestimated. People want to watch that home run, 3 point shot or 72 yard touchdown run. Content is king and as long as ESPN has access to the content, it will do well.

  5. What happens, though, when the leagues start to take back content? ESPN’s baseball highlights are much less fun to watch these days — aren’t they already being limited to how much of a game they can show?

    I agree it will take some time for the King to be toppled. But until ESPN starts buying leagues, there will be direct options that may whittle the throne a bit.

  6. I’m sure the figure exists, I’m just not sure where: how many people actually watch “television” online? I’m sure a lot, but lets be honest, not every person uses the internet like the people who read this site. Don’t you think?

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