27 thoughts on “Sprint CEO: The iPad Has Been Good to Us”

      1. Yeah…people spend a lot of time gushing about the potential of a Verizon iPhone when a Sprint/T-Mobile combo release would give Apple a pretty comparable potential user base.

  1. I am one of those iPad owners who use the Sierra Wireless hotspot for my network access. The 4G speeds (in San Antonio, TX) are usually more than 3Mbs (down) but the service is spotty. The device (the Overdrive) is poorly made compared to anything from Apple. The Sprint website is obtuse. Customer service was friendly, but the people were not very tech savvy. Still, I would recommend the service to iPad users who are lucky to live in a Sprint 4G market.

    Sprint needs to bang on Sierra Wireless for a better device and focus on improving its customer service and broadening its 4G network. Sprint is not in the same universe as Apple when it comes to quality, innovation, and service. Rollouts of competing 4G-speed networks will end Sprint’s current monopoly on wireless speed (in a limited number of metro markets) and likely the ephemeral advantage that Mr. Hesse now celebrates. I suspect he knows this. Sprint needs to cultivate this fleeting moment and work hard and fast to redefine their brand. I do not sense that kind of energy when I deal with them, but it would be good to see a carrier actually step up to the bar that has been raised by Apple.

    1. I think the newer hotspot devices are better in my opinion and frankly Novatel has been making better MiFi devices. One of the more interesting things I have seen with Overdrive: it runs out of juice very very fast. I still love the idea of a 4G connection 🙂

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a refresh of the Overdrive sometime soon. The initial version was admittedly (by Sierra execs) a bit rushed to get it out for Sprint’s big CES intro last year.

        Anyone out there have reactions/reviews of the hotspot capabilities in the EVO or the Epic?

    2. Funny,
      the only reason I’ve been into a Sprint store was to purchase one of those Virgin Mobile no contract MiFi devices (which I love by the way). I use it for both iPhone and iPad while travelling.

  2. Interesting to hear people’s perspectives on the Sprint Overdrive and their 4G connection. Have been using my Verizon MiFi as my main internet connection ever since I moved. I’ve been pretty happy with it. Would love it to be a little faster, a little cheaper, and no cap though. *day dreams*

    1. Justin, exactly the daydream Sprint seems to be addressing. I get up to 7Mbs down with no cap on my 2-year plan. I used it as my only ISP at present (because I am mobile). $60/mo is not bad, but it kills me that I have to maintain a separate AT&T plan on my iPhone. A single carrier is my daydream. 😉

      Either that or turn the iPad into a phone with a bluetooth headset. I would love to have a single device to lug around.

  3. I love that a writer finally wrote “Sprint is offering WiMAX-based service it calls 4G” instead of saying Sprint is offering truly 4G service. Theoretically, WiMax is still very much a 3G service. Just cause it’s WiMax does not make it 4G. Meet the ITU’s standards set for 4G makes a service 4G. Neither LTE nor WiMax meets those standards.

  4. There is no doubt about it how smart phones like the iphone have become invaluable to a lot of us. They are the biggest revolution in mobile phones since the mobile network itself. I can’t wait to see what they release next.

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