5 thoughts on “Another $1.5B Infusion for Clearwire”

  1. Should be an interesting conference call Tuesday, eh?

    Has anyone done a side-by-side financial breakdown of the Clearwire spectrum holdings at 2.5GHz vs. the telcos’ 700 MHz holdings? Putting aside the debate whether one is better than the other (I know 700 MHz goes through walls better, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better overall for data — like I said, a debate for another time), just wondering if the Wall St. types have assigned any money value to CLWR’s spectrum worth, especially vis-a-vis the iPhone 3G woes.

  2. I don’t see Google’s lack of investing in this as surprising at all. Google’s relationship with Verizon would keep them from investing in the competition. The new release of the Droid makes that relationship even stronger.

  3. It’s not a matter of “whose spectrum is better;” it’s a matter of whose business model is better. Clearwire, alas, has essentially the same model as Metricom, and we all know what a great success that was.

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