6 thoughts on “Sprint + Nextel = SprinTel”

  1. What about SprintLink Managed Router Networks ? (Where they have dial for AOL, and private IP or IP/VPN networks for other customers ? And what of SprintLink ?

  2. I believe the new name will be:

    I’m waiting on presser that says Hefner is somehow involved. tic.

    This is a dark day, very sad.

    Its also a very bad precursor for the creative commons, blogasphere, experimental open source software.

    The biggest winner is Verizon. I’ll bet they splurged and spent $20,000 for dinner at Peter Lugar’s.

    The loser is the germans (t-mobile), what morons, but why break with past history.

    Flarion fails not because of technology, but because of eco-system. Never signed a tier one handset mfg. Timing on this deal and the events immediately preceding are very circumspect. Somebody emailed me that Tim Donahue (Nextel CEO) has sold 64% of his holdings (~$32m) so far this year.

    Thank god I’ve never had to come home and find my wife in bed with the lawnboy, but I image this is how it would feel.

  3. Someone write me on how these mergers are going to effect tower landlords who currently have four to six carriers from whom they collect rent, including my town government. Or, can we expect new technologies like WiMax to pick up the slack in the vacancies left by the defunct carriers? LNResources@aol.com

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