12 thoughts on “From Closed to Open: Sprint Changes its xOHM Tune”

  1. I’m glad to see Sprint in the forefront of tomorrow’s technology. WiMax will reshape the landscape of many industries and it will all be riding on Sprints infrastructure. Brilliant!

    In a related note, Zipityzap is a new internet television subscription portal under development. It will change the landscape of the television industry by allowing content providers to reach consumers directly. Goodbye Comcast, Dish Network, etc.

    The technology is available today. We are currently seeking investors:

  2. Glad Sprint is leading the final mile/WiMAX industry initiatives. Rick Robinson was a terrible speaker. Please, don’t send your most experienced personnel. Send your most articulate and enthusiastic.

  3. SlickDealer, In speaking with >play reps, I know that Xohm’s speaker, Rick Robinson had strep throat, a high fever and inner ear infection, but still made the trek from the right coast to honor his panel participation. I would imagine that played a hand in your perception of his performance.

  4. Actually, I thought he was quite good. It was helpful to hear from someone who’s literally working on the front lines of the wimax future. I’m looking forward to seeing Sprint’s Xohm…

  5. Why aren’t you spelling it as xOhM? An pronouncing it with a silent x, for that matter? Never miss an opportunity for self promotion, I say.

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