19 thoughts on “The Squidoo Spam Problem”

  1. Well, we really are not competitive at all.

    Squidoo is a very powerful publishing platform–perhaps too powerful–like Blogger.

    We are a human-powered search service (I’m using that word over directory or engine these days–thoughts on it?).

    If you want to see the difference please try doing a search for iPhone or Paris Hotels on Mahalo and Squidoo. It is very clear that these are two very different services after you do that.

    We have one iPhone page that is created by individuals with community review… very similar to a Wikipedia page.

    We do not have over 100 iPhone or Paris Hotel pages (most of which are of unknown origin) like Squidoo.

    Also, we pay folks who we know to write our pages. Squidoo splits revenue with an unlimited number of people… thus the spam problem I think.

    Squidoo is just too good at what they do (personal publishing, SEO, and affiliate revenue), so spammers are leveraging their platform for nefarious purposes. If Squidoo locked down creating pages they would solve the problem–they would also lose a ton of revenue and page views.

    Mahalo for the thoughts,


  2. PXLated and Jason,

    well, i looked at the sentence again and decided to drop the marginal and competitor bit. folks can make their own decision. meanwhile i am getting increasingly irritated by the comment spam from squidoo.

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