17 thoughts on “Starbucks Breaks Up with T-Mobile, Hooks up with AT&T”

  1. I wonder what this means for Starbucks + iTunes. As far as I know, there was a heavy integration with T-Mobile in order to stream the music, and have the iPods/iPhones recognize they were at a Starbucks, get the title of the music being played, and access the ITMS for free.

  2. Mike

    I think the AT&T-iTunes deal might have been the driving force behind the big switch since it keeps the whole itunes experience pretty tightly integrated. T-Mobile branding might have been a little confusing for non-hardcore customers. My 2 cents.

  3. that’s very generous of t-mobile to offer to continue to charge customers for the first 2 hours of service while att offers it for free. sounds like a great way to keep loyal customers! smart thinking t-mobile, very clever…why get the milk for free when you can buy the cow?

  4. Panera’s WiFi is nice but you can’t VPN into work. When I try it, I get disconnected after about 60 seconds, especially if I’ve been idle for that time. And because Panera is free, it can get really crowded.

  5. Isn’t ATT under scrutiny for the warrantless surveillance activities? Loyal starbucks fans better cross their fingers & toes that the new FISA bill passes granting telecom immunity

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