State of the Internet: Mobile Web’s Explosive Growth

9 thoughts on “State of the Internet: Mobile Web’s Explosive Growth”

  1. Om,

    I am a great fan of this blog. But off late I have started noticing that most of articles authored by you are just news items- there is no analysis. Could we get some more analysis because that’s what is more interesting?

  2. Om:
    Begs the question, will the hunger for mobile web push carriers into adopting a technology ala SpiderCloud? I know these folks were in your Mobilize conference too. Or would it all be about Wi-Fi/Wimax/something else? Appreciate your input, thanks!

  3. This article is poorly titled.

    Where exactly is the explosive growth in mobile in all of this? Yes broadband has gotten faster, but nowhere is there a mention of the number of unique mobile users.

    Perhaps a better title might have been “Mobile web getting faster.”

  4. My main takeaway was how slow US mobile browsing is compared to rest of world – even Puerto Rican users enjoy 2x speeds vs us chumps. Note that Akamai’s report doesn’t name the carriers, but it’s not too difficult to tell which were the standouts (Orange Slovensko, with avg bandwidth of 6.1 Mbps) and which were the mediocre (AT&T)

    All a long way of saying that while this hasn’t been a drag on mobile commerce thus far in the US, it will be.

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