7 thoughts on “State of the Internet: What are the fastest cities in the world”

  1. To a casual observer, it’s surprising that there aren’t more affluent, tech company-infested places like Mountain View and Palo Alto up there with Fremont.

  2. To explain why Lyse in Norway is up there, look for Lyse Telecom. This is a fiber network in the Stavanger area

  3. I wondered that myself although I must say I was pleasantly surprised being a Fremont resident myself. Perhaps, we should await for the actual report to be published today in the AM: http://www.akamai.com/stateoftheinternet/ – according to Akamai … this was just a pre-publication by GigaOM.

  4. Well, Latvians have one of the biggest and fastest growing fiber optics networks (biggest in contrast to the size of the country). And 100mbps connection costs ~20bucks a month – cheap and fast.

  5. I am curious as to what data you gathered from Portugal.
    My perception is that commercial and marketing “hype” have driven our customer internet speeds to ever demanding ones.
    I work in a cable company and out average customer is far above 10Mbit.

  6. Information on cities is nonsense because there is no guaranteed way to get the physical location of what’s behind an IP address.

  7. The misleading part of this story relates to speed claims. Bandwidth is not speed. It is capacity similar to a large truck. That large truck can carry a lot of data (the capacity) and still be jammed up in traffic (the network latency and round trip times).

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