16 thoughts on “State of WiMAX: Will Huawei Win It All?”

  1. Om,
    Alcatel-Lucent just won an important WiMAX contract in Cambodia, announced at the MWC.

    ALU has not retreated from WiMAX. ALU has simply re-positioned WiMAX as a solution for nomadic wireless broadband that makes an excellent fit to provide broadband in emerging markets, such as India or South East Asia, where copper penetration is very small, making DSL too costly.

    ALU has reinforced the industry consensus that the natural evolution of 3G to 4G is LTE, leaving WiMAX as a complementary rather than competing solution for wireless broadband, specially in places where fixed DSL is impractical.

    BTW, as you may know Om, ALU was selected by Verizon for LTE in all 3 domains of the network. A sign that ALU come-back with the new management team is rather soon than late.

    Do I need to add any disclaimer here? 😉

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