44 thoughts on “Steve Jobs, Motivational Speaker For Yahoo”

  1. steve jobs is probably right.

    and doing away with BUs will go a long way to allow mgr.s to take risks and be creative.

  2. 300 vice presidents…

    It boggles the mind. No wonder they can’t get anything done any more.

    30 would be too many. A dozen or so would be right.

  3. I was wondering why everyone at Yahoo on LinkedIn was a VP.

    It’s like a financial institution: The only three job titles are Preisdent, VP, and janitor.

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  5. 300 VP…OMG

    yhoo has become a government company. If you go to San Jose city or Washington DC city or China or India you can see government departments with massive managers doing nothing.

    Fire the VP’s and managers and cut out the red tape – this is the medicine yhoo needs.

  6. Well, if you have to get a motivational speaker, better Steve Jobs than any of the “business gurus” who spout the same-old business punditry by the earful. You know, “do the Right thing at the Right time blah blah”.

    On the more serious note, Yahoo does have a tremendous user base for apps like email, etc. Now if only they’d get the shackles off of their innovators.

    BTW, Happy B-day Om!

  7. VP is just the name of a rank. If it had said “manager”, 300 wouldn’t have sounded like a lot. (happy birthday, Om)

  8. the chance of yahoo cutting down the number of vps is zero. they are obsessed with big-company culture, as is any organization that attracts so much mediocre talent. jerry is a nice guy at heart and he doesn’t have it in him to oil up the chainsaw. really, i would have loved to have seen an “al dunlap” type come in between terry and jerry and maybe take six months to just kill everything that walks, take a $10 million payout, and leave jerry with a properly culled herd to grow. yahoo desperately needed an interim leader who did not care about respect and admiration because their only task was to vaporize losers and then leave. what has happened in the interim is a anti-culling – most of the best people are leaving of their own will instead of the worst being removed against theirs. people can’t take it anymore, they’re just walking away.

    its not hopeless. their core sites are still decent. they are strong in asia. they are a necessary foil to google in the ad space. what remains to be seen is if jerry can make tough decisions.

  9. Unfortunately, Yahoo! doesn’t haven’t visionaries like Apple does with Steve Jobs, especially with the likes of Brad Garlinghouse. Jerry & David are decent guys, but I wouldn’t necessarily classify them as “Steve Jobs”

    As for VP’s at Yahoo! – there is massive title inflation at Yahoo! compared to other companies in the software/industry similar in size, revenue or profitability. As someone had mentioned: “I was wondering why everyone at Yahoo on LinkedIn was a VP” – take a look at the experience level and compare that with a VP at Google, VMWare, Oracle, Intel, Adobe, eBay, Microsoft, etc… Not to say that experience is everything, but it does count for something!

  10. It must have been great to listen to Steve Jobs. He is one the most amazing motivational speakers! I had heard his speech at Stanford and was completely moved! I think its a great job opportunity for Steve Jobs to speak as a motivational lecturer, if and when he decides to retire from Apple!! šŸ˜‰

  11. mmm….i smell a little jealously here.

    how many posters here currently or at one tmie or another once had the desire for a vp title????

    i certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to openly admit that they wished for a nicer title….but the undeniable truth about human beings is that everyone has secret hopes and fears….and titles are not an uncommon one.

    be honest with yourself. only you will know. lol.

  12. Apple needs a strong Yahoo and a Microsoft. It’s nothing but a big chess game. If either totally fails then someone else will fill the void. At the very least they know their competitors. A new company may bring something to the table they are not quite ready for!

  13. No company with a following is down for long unless they accept that fate. This is especially true for Yahoo.

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